After the Stealclaw-project Peter van der Meulen was working on some songs that were more melodic than the previous projects. Thé Hogervorst and Peter met guitarist Marcel Singor and drummer Oscar Kraal through Peter's cousin. Marcel and Oscar were at the time in Squealer, but decided to join in for a new project: Jetlag. 
The first demo was recorded in 1987 on the 4 track-recorder. 'Sense Of Time' had four songs on it. Three were written by Peter, the titletrack was co-written by Marcel. The music had taken a new direction, mixing heavy metal with a more commercial flavor.
Thé Bassplayer Peter Recording backing vocals

In 1988 a second demo was recorded. Preproduction was done at Cascade, on the 4-track. After that the demo was officially recorded in a 16 track-studio. 'Matter Of Time' had four new songs on it. The band recorded it in 1,5 day, including mixdown by Thé and Peter. 

Setting up gear Oscar Studio
Vara's Studio recording soli Marcel Spellbound Recording session

After this VARA Radio, a Dutch broadcast, invited Jetlag to do recordings in a 24 track-studio for Dutch national radio. 
Two new songs, 'Hard Road' en 'Spellbound'were recorded in one afternoon, and mixed by Peter and Marcel. 

A third recording was done in 1989 at a 16-track studio, where the band did four songs; 'Dancers Of Desire' was written by Peter, the other three were songs Marcel wrote, and were arranged by the band. Right after the recording Marcel left to join Hot Legs. 

The new guitarist was Peter van Heyningen. With him Thé and Peter decided to do another recording, again in a 16 track-studio. 'Suspicious Independance', which had four new songs on it, was done in 1990. Recording took 1,5 day, Thé and Peter mixed it in a day. The title was Thé and Peter's credo in music: do everything yourself, so you know it will be done right and on time'. 
Oscar Kraal left in 1990 to join Robby Valentine. Thé and Peter could not find a replacemtn, and Peter van Heyningen was 'released from duty'. 

Thé and Peter went to work a short time on a project with members of Chalice. They decided however to continue Jetlag, and found three new members. Yuri Florentinus on guitar, Randy Lever on drums, and René van Kooten on vocals. New songs were written, and 'Stranger' was recorded live with overdubbed solo and vocals at the Radio West-studio. René left immediately after recording. Peter re-recorded vocals back home at Cascade, on the 4 track. 
Two acoustic songs were recorded at Cascade: 'Destiny In Twilight' was a reworked Anguish-song, 'Only The Rain' was written for Chalice. 
In 1992 Jetlag was invited to record for a week in Germany for Inline, a production company. The deal was that Inline would shop in Europe to get a record deal. Three months after recording the band had the rights on the recordings, and would release a CD if no record deal had been established. 
Preproduction was done at Cascade, on the 4 track by Thé and Peter. One of the songs that were recorded in preproduction didn't make it to Germany, bacause lyrics and music were not finished yet. In Germany two new songs were recorded, and the band redid 'Matter Of Crime' and 'Spellbound'. Thé and Peter went back to mix it in a day. 
Three months after the recordings Yuri left Jetlag to join Wild Ride. Thé and Peter decided not to release the music but to immediately start working on a new projest, Very Nice Men.